Friday, February 23, 2024

Do You Aim To Have Denser Hair?

Do You Aim To Have Denser Hair?

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L’Oreal Professional is all about making women feel confident everyday no matter what your lifestyle is.

Ever since I become a mom, I vowed to make myself look and feel my best no matter what. After all, it takes a happy mom to take care of her kids better, right?

Hair fall is unavoidable post-partum. And with all the products in the market, I am certain that only a handful can be true to its promise of providing a way to make denser and healthier hair without the need to spend more or seek professional help.

I tried including L’Oreal Pro Serioxyl Advanced in my nighttime routine.


  1. Part the hair in 4 and spray directly on scalp
  2. Apply evenly on the scalp (dried hair)
  3. Massage scalp gently.
  4. Leave on and proceed to your usual hair care/wash the next day.

There are two key ingredients to this product: Stemoxydine awakens dormant hair follicles to help promote growth of new hair in weeks and Resveratrol a powerful antioxidant that makes Stemoxydine more potent when applied on the scalp.

So far, I am happy with the results after 3 weeks of use but as per product information one can enjoy the full results usually after 6 weeks.