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You GUT To Be Healthy!

You GUT To Be Healthy!

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It was back in 2019 when Health Aid Bifina probiotics was first introduced to me. During that time, there were only two variants available here in the Philippines; Health Aid Bifina S and Health Aid Bifina R but now 4 variants are made available for the Filipino consumers.

One might wonder, what probiotics are for? Is it really beneficial for our health and worth buying?

As a kid who grew up in the 90’s and with a popular probiotic drink I always have that information in my mind that having a healthy tummy is the key to not getting sick and maximizing my playing time outside. 

And now as an adult and with information readily available I tried to dig in further about probiotics and tried using it myself.  

Probiotics in general is a supplement that can help improve gut health and digestion. If you are going to look it up on the internet, the complexity of the gut and how it affects our overall health will amaze you.

What sets Health Aid Bifina apart from other probiotics in the market is that it contains the good bacteria Bifidobacterium Longum that comes in tiny, seamless 3-layer capsule technology designed to protect the prebiotic and probiotic strains from the gastric acid in our stomachs and effectively deliver them straight to the intestines for better absorption.

True enough, upon taking 1 sachet of Health Aid Bifina S for 7 straight days, I noticed a significant difference in my bowel movement, consistency of stools and the bloated – lethargic feeling attenuated. No wonder why Health Aid Bifina probiotics are number 1 in Japan for 25 years in a row. 

As for the taste, it has a mild lemon taste and gives off that nerds candy-like texture.

Happy to see my mom friends since 2018 at the launch
The 4 variants of Health Aid Bifina that is now available here in the Philippines.

With the official launch held at Hotel Okura last September 2022, I was lucky enough to learn more about the product firsthand.

Health Aid Bifina can now be enjoyed in powder form through Health Aid Bifina Bifina Baby. Making it easier to consume by children 6 months and up.

It contains a different strain of good bacteria, Bifidobacterium Breve that is usually found in human breast milk. 

For those who need a higher dose of Bifidobacteria, they also have Health Aid Bifina EX which has twice the number of Bifidobacterium Longum (equivalent to 2 sachets of Bifina S variant).

Gone are the days that we tend to take our health for granted. With information readily available and products like this easily accessible there is no excuse for us to be sickly.

*VPharma is the official distributor of Health Aid Bifina in the Philippines.
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